Public records reveal photos of child allegedly left in cold by former Holston View principal

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – News Channel 11 obtained photos Thursday taken from a cell phone belonging to a former principal at Holston View Elementary School who had been accused of locking a child outside in freezing temperatures.

The following photos were recovered from Jerry Poteat’s cell phone after the Bristol Tennessee Police Department issued a search warrant:

News Channel 11 received the pictures through a public records request.

The little girl’s face has been blurred in each photo to protect her identity, but in the photos the girl is visibly upset, with tears rolling down her face, as she stands outside in below freezing temperatures.

You can also see the girl is not wearing gloves in these pictures.

On Wednesday, a judge threw out Poteat’s case after he pleaded not guilty to charges to attempt to commit child abuse and attempt to commit child neglect.

The defense’s motion to dismiss was granted because of how the indictment was written.

Since the jury was already seated when the ruling was made, Poteat cannot be tried on the charges again.

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