Trump campaigns in Southwest Virginia ahead of Super Tuesday

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump talks with members of the news media after a Republican presidential primary debate at The University of Houston, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

RADFORD, VA (WJHL)- From the moment he took to the stage Donald Trump came out of the gate swinging, quickly calling out his opponents.

“I’ve never seen such deception, I’ve never seen so many lies, and these are dishonest people and I hate to say it,” Donald Trump said.

Latest poll numbers released by CNN show trump has a 33 point lead over Marco Rubio, his closest competitor.

“I came here to see the next president of the United State,” David Green said.

David Green came to Monday’s rally today because he believes trump will drum up the economy here in Southwest Virginia.

“He will finally bring back jobs, I mean this country right now is craving for jobs and he is the man that knows how to do it.

To start, Trump wants to revive an important job resource for people in Southwest Virginia.

“We are going to bring the coal industry back 100 %” Trump said.

Trump plans to bring coal back by taking it away from over seas countries like China. A group of protesters at Monday’s rally, were escorted out while a Times Magazine photographer has a confrontation with a Secret Service agent.

Marion Mollin doesn’t support Donald trump and wants to speak for those in the community who agree.

“We are here because we think that someone has to say, when someone comes and says something so reprehensible that even right winged republicans don’t want to be associated with Donald Trump,” Mollin said.

Radford student Stephany Hernandez is a trump supporter. While she agrees with the right for students to protest, she says the rally wasn’t time or the place.

“If you are going to come here and protest, I don’t think you should be here,” Hernandez said.

As for word on recent support by a former leader of the KKK, Trump didn’t mention it during the rally.

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