Steak & Shake officially opens at The Pinnacle

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL-TV) – Another new business opened up in The Pinnacle today and there were long lines to get in, but this time it was for food and not shopping.

The much anticipated opening of the Tri-Cities first Steak & Shake restaurant happened at 10 am and there was already a long line in place when the doors opened. Heather Hughes from Johnson City was one of those in line at 10 am, “We got here at 9am and the line was already starting, we were glad we got here when we did. I’ve been hearing good things about it and I wanted to try the food. It was good.”

Steak & Shake serves steak burgers, hot dogs, french fries, chili and other sandwiches, but is equally well known for its milkshakes. This is the 535th restaurant to open, but it is the first one in either Northeast Tennessee or Southwest Virginia. The restaurant opening has created 143 jobs for the area. By the peak of the lunch hour, the restaurant was completely full and the drive-thru line extended far out into the main road of The Pinnacle.

Bristol resident Michael Simon has been keeping an eye on the progress and was excited that the restaurant was finally open, “We came from Ohio and they had them there so we ate there a lot. We moved to Phoenix, they don’t have them. 10 years there, we’ve been here for a year and a half and it’s finally open. We went to Florida last year and on the way back we found a Steak & Shake and got to eat. We came here once after coupons came in the mail thinking it was open and it wasn’t, so we’ve been waiting for it. We’re used to eating at Steak & Shake and like it.”

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