Kingsport family warns of hoverboard dangers after explosion

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL)-  A Tri-Cities family is warning others about a toy that could have been on your child’s Christmas list.

Exploding hoverboards have already been the blame for two house fires in Nashville, and now a Kingsport mother says they were just minutes away from seeing it happen in their own home.


Courtney Hobbs said by Christmas time this past year all four of her children had one of the most sought after toys on the market, a hoverboard.

A little more than a week ago, she decided to toss them all in the trash after a horrifying experience.

Tuesday evening we were able to see just what Hobbs was talking about.

She showed us what was left of one of the hoverboards as it sat charred and barely recognizable in the front yard.

Hobbs said she had been cooking in the kitchen one weekend and her child had parked the hoverboard nearby.

She said it wasn’t even sitting on a charger, it just stood idle, but that is when they heard the noise.

“There was a little bit of black ash on the floor and a little smoke coming out of it so we immediately, because of hearing other stories, got it out of the house and the time. I got it out there was a large amount of smoke and that happened twice and then It burst into flames three or four times,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs said she is thankful no one was injured.

Tonight at 11 you will hear from the fire officials as well as the children who owned the hoverboards, and how the incident impacted them.

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