Blue Lizard makes donations to children’s hospital radiothon

The company that makes Blue Lizard Sunscreen made a large donation to the Niswonger Children’s Hospital Radionthon this morning, and it wasn’t just money.

Crown Laboratories presented a check for $12,500 to the children’s hospital in the lobby at Niswonger, Crown President and CEO Jeff Bedard says that workers really get into helping the hospital, “All of the employees at Crown are very engaged in the community and want to help children’s hospitals succeed and add capacity. So many of our employees have children as well and they feel very blessed that a hospital of this magnitude and of this capacity is here locally for any children in the community to use.”

In addition to the check, Crown Laboratories employees from all over the country made another very special donation to the children in the hospital. “we’ve been at Build-A-Bear in the Johnson City Mall building bears today and we’re taking some money that we’ve raised internally thru the company and making an in-kind donation of bears for $2,500 for the kids that come into the hospital.” according to Bedard, “They’re engaged, they had a great time over at Build-A-Bear and they’ll donate those bears and do a tour of the hospital with the staff here, see what their money goes towards.”

Bedard says that in is a natural tie-in from them to donate to the children’s hospital, “The great thing is our main product is Blue Lizard sunscreen and Blue Lizard is a perfect segway for children and sun protection out there so giving back to kids here locally has been a pure pleasure for us.”

The live radiothon will take place on Monday, February 29 and Tuesday, March 1.

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