Legislation would allow outside smoking bans in Sullivan County

Cities and counties in Sullivan County would be allowed to ban smoking outside on the grounds of government property if legislation in Nashville continues to move forward.

Rep. Jon Lundberg, (R) – District 1, says he’s sponsoring the legislation on behalf of the Kingsport YMCA, which is next door to the Kingsport Aquatic Center.

Under current law, the lawmaker says cities and counties can ban the smoking of cigarettes and cigars inside, but not outside on government property. He says the legislation would change that, allowing governments in Sullivan County only to ban smoking at places like playgrounds, ball fields and the aquatic center.

“In Kingsport, literally around the fence of the aquatic center people can smoke and they can’t stop that,” he said. “They have asked me to carry legislation, so they would have that ability.”

The legislation passed in subcommittee this week. It heads to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee next week. He says one person previously voted against it in subcommittee, arguing the legislation limits people’s rights, but Rep. Lundberg disagrees.

“I’m conservative, rights are very important, but you’re also limiting people’s ability to go there if they have issues with smoke,” he said.

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