TBI: Agents reviewed GVDC patient death, but didn’t open investigation

The Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is now saying its internal investigator did contact law enforcement after the 2013 death of a resident at Greene Valley Developmental Center.

As we told you earlier this month, internal investigators substantiated neglect after an employee failed to secure a patient. That man eventually died after a fall.

The district attorney told us he wished DIDD would have told the DA’s office about that case.

We’ve since learned the agency did contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. However, a TBI spokesperson said agents never opened a criminal case.

“The instance that you’re referring to was referred to TBI,” Josh DeVine said. “We did a preliminary inquiry to see if we could see if we could confirm or substantiate that a crime occurred.”

TBI previously said it had no records of its involvement in any investigations since 2009. Since a case was never opened, DeVine says there would be no record of a referral. He says TBI has the authority and jurisdiction to do that kind of preliminary review without notifying the district attorney.

Our Community Watchdog investigation into others cases, mainly involving reported and substantiated abuse at GVDC, prompted the district attorney to open two criminal investigations and a police chief to apologize to one of the alleged victims.

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