Prosecution alleges BVU CFO Stacey Pomrenke contacted witnesses prior to trial

Stacey and Judge Kurt Pomrenke

(WJHL) – News Channel 11 is tracking the latest developments in a corruption case involving Bristol Virginia Utiltiies’ current Chief Financial Officer Stacey Pomrenke.

Allie Hinds reported opening statements in the trial wrapped up this morning. The U.S. Attorney said in his opening statements that Pomrenke directed and encouraged a “culture of corruption” at BVU leading to “greed and entitlement”.

The defense said in statements Wednesday morning that Pomrenke has been a great employee and was the whistleblower behind the corruption at BVU. The defense team also denies she was involved in any of the corruption.

The prosecution alleged Wednesday that Pomrenke had emailed witnesses about her master’s degree prior to the trial.

We reported earlier that Pomrenke’s attorneys had asked a federal judge to exclude evidence related to her “failure to obtain a master’s degree from Virginia Tech.”

The court has not yet addressed the issue of contacting the witnesses.

Among witnesses called Wednesday was former BVU President and CEO Michael Bundy, as well as an employee who worked under Pomrenke.

Pomrenke is facing 15 charges, including conspiracy and fraud as apart of BVU’s federal corruption case.

Pomrenke pleaded not guilty to those charges last year.

Last week, Pomrenke’s attorney formally asked a federal judge to exclude evidence related to “her failure to obtain a Master’s degree from Virginia Tech” today, saying any statements she made about her degree are irrelevant to the case.

Federal prosecutors previously said Pomrenke misled BVU and others by effectively lying on her resume and bio about her college education. They plan on using that as evidence in her trial next week.

On Tuesday, after approximately seven hours of jury selection, nine men and five women were selected to sit on the jury as well as two alternates.

The trial is expected to last about two weeks.

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