Snow causes detours in Valentine’s Day plans

Winter weather

JOHNSON CITY (WJHL) – Sunday’s blast of winter weather caused a mess on the roads forcing some people to cancel their Valentine’s Day plans.

At Café Lola in Johnson City Valentine’s Day usually draws big crowds.

“Always booked solid for big events, Valentine’s Day, we usually get a lot of private parties,” said server Rhiannon Rose.

As the snow started falling Sunday afternoon they had to make the call if it was worth the risk on the roads to stay open.

“We were just really psyching up for the big night. Weather didn’t come into play until the afternoon, and we realized that a big snow shower was coming through and that may affect our business,” Rose said.

One by one they called their reservations letting them know they would be shutting their doors.

“I would imagine they’d be pretty upset about it because we book pretty far in advance, and we had a lot of confirmations yesterday afternoon. I hate that they were disappointed. It was a big night for everyone,” Rose said.

Other restaurants left it up to the customers if they would close their doors.

Tupelo Honey Café started calling all their reservations once they saw the snow piling up.

“On a Valentine’s Day, wide open, full reservations. We had 67 reservations last night, 80 for the daytime,” said General Manager Thomas Haumiller.

Some decided to brave the elements to celebrate their love. Others did not take the chance.

“Some said that they were still going to be able to make it out. You know the roads got pretty slick last night, and I was just more concerned about everyone’s safety than coming in for the reservation,” said Haumiller. “Most of them said, ‘It’s a blizzard out there. Are you kidding me? I’m not going anywhere.’”

As the snow and ice melts businesses are hoping to recoup that loss.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t just one day. It can be celebrated anytime,” Rose said.

Business was also affected at some movie theaters.

Both the Carmike 14 in Johnson City and the Tri-Cities 7 in Blountville closed when the snow moved in, canceling later show times.

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