Instinct, quick thinking save man from burning car

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Meredith Conyers, Sr. thought it would be an ordinary day when he left for work around 4 a.m.

“I came up on a car that had an accident. Right there at I-64 and I-295,” said Conyers. “The car was smoldering. I didn’t see anybody standing outside so I pulled over. Then I went to check to see if anyone was in the car or not.”

To Conyer’s horror a man was trapped inside. He was injured after running off the road and hitting a sign post.

“He was screaming ‘somebody help me! I can’t get out. I’m stuck,’” said Conyers.

Conyers called 911 before trying to rescue the man. He found the driver’s side door jammed so he went around to the passenger side.

“By the time I got back around on the driver’s side, I could start seeing the flames coming inside the car where the gas pedal is. Flames starting coming through there,” said Conyers.

Acting quickly, Conyers pulled the man through a broken window about ten feet away from the car.

“I had to pull him another five feet by that time the whole car was engulfed in flames,” said Conyers. It started popping and carrying on. I was just hoping it wasn’t going to explode. Then shortly after, the fire department and paramedics showed up.”

This is an amazing and timely act of heroism spurred by instincts.

“The farthest thing from my mind was thinking about putting myself at harm,” said Conyers. “More or less, I thought I would have been in pieces if I didn’t try my best to get this guy out the car before it inflamed.”

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