Mayor has “complete confidence” in police chief who failed to investigate GVDC abuse

Tusculum’s mayor is standing behind his police chief after that man admitted he forgot to investigate an abuse case at Greene Valley Developmental Center.

“I have complete confidence in our police chief and in this case it appears something fell through the cracks,” Mayor Alan Corley said. “He accepted full responsibility for that.”

Chief Danny Greene previously admitted he forgot to follow-up and investigate a case of abuse at GVDC that he now knows involved the reported shoving, dragging and smacking of a resident there.

Mayor Corley, who has served as a council member for as long as the chief has worked for the Tusculum Police Department, said Tuesday he is proud of his chief for taking responsibility and still trusts him completely.

“I have full confidence in him and they do a great job and I think this is an unusual situation or an aberration or an anomaly,” the mayor said.

The district attorney has since opened two criminal investigations as the result of our Community Watchdog investigation into the handling of past GVDC abuse cases. Both cases that are now under investigation were previously reported to the Tusculum Police Department in 2014.

The chief previously said when Greene Valley reported the abuse case he didn’t recall the supervisor ever describing the case the way the internal investigation did.

“I would also assert that part of that responsibility lies with the GVDC supervisor who did not follow up with him later as promised with more details about the alleged incident and a list of witnesses,” the mayor said.

Tusculum police previously investigated the other 2014 abuse case involving the reported slapping of a resident with a shoe. Chief Greene said his officer referred the case to prosecutors for possible charges, but District Attorney Dan Armstrong said there is no record of any referral. That person never faced any charges.

From now on, the mayor says his officers and the Third Judicial District Attorney General’s Office will change the way it handles these cases. For one thing, he says his officers will do a better job of documenting conversations.

“I have spoken with the district attorney’s iffice, I have spoken with my department and going forward my officers will be much more precise about who they talk to and when about this or any other case,” Mayor Corley said.

In addition, he says prosecutors have agreed to give police receipts every time they hand over a case file.

“We will have documentation that our guys did their job and presented it to the DA’s Office,” the mayor said.

Per the district attorney’s request, the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities has pledged to report all future substantiated cases of abuse and neglect to law enforcement and the district attorney.

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