Rescheduled commission meeting could cost Washington County, TN thousands

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- Commissioners in Washington County, Tennessee will once again take up the debate over gay marriage.

So many people attended a meeting last month, county commissioners had to cancel it and figure out how to accommodate the large crowd.

Most people showed up anticipating commissioners to vote on a resolution that would ask the state of Tennessee to stand up to the supreme court, and stand by the Tennessee constitutions definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

This time around, chairman of the commission Greg Matherly said they are preparing for a big crowd with extra courtrooms, projection screens, and more deputies on duty.

But he also said by delaying the meeting and having to potentially accommodate audio, and video for hundreds of people, its going to cost them.

“One of the good things right now is our audio person is willing to rent us the equipment which has substantially saved us money but there will be a lot of extra cost, as far as that bottom line number yet I don’t know,” Matherly said.

The commission meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 22nd at 6 pm

Matherly said they are asking people if you are coming to the meeting to arrive early as they are expecting a big crowd.

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