JC commissioners postpone U-Haul sign decision

Commissioners extend deadline for U-haul sign decision.

JOHNSON CITY (WJHL) – Johnson City’s Development Authority has more time to come up with the money needed to preserve the old U-Haul sign.

Thursday during the Johnson City Commission meeting, commissioners planned on making a final decision on whether to preserve the sign or tear it down.

That decision was postponed until March.

The JCDA (the organization leading the fundraising effort) will use that time to try to raise money for a sign renovation.

JCDA Chair Robert Williams told News Channel 11, they do not have an exact price estimate yet, but renovations to the sign will probably cost $25,000 to $40,000.

Williams said so far, various organizations and residents have pledged a total of $8,000.

“We don’t have a lot time so we are aggressively trying to put together a plan and a program that we can try to raise these moneys,” said Williams.

“There are some that would just like to see it come down but because of it being an iconic sign in Johnson City we would like to give people the means to preserve it if they would like to.”

Johnson City Vice-Mayor David Tomita told News Channel 11 he doesn’t want to move to fast when deciding what to do with the sign.

“I don’t hate it, I’m not in love with it…I would rather move slowly than quickly in taking it down,” said Tomita.

Tomita said he wants the JCDA to have plenty of time to research and present preservation options.

Williams said the JCDA will use the next 30 days to raise funds and awareness about the significance of the U-Haul sign.


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