Feds accuse Stacey Pomrenke of lying on resume, Virginia Tech says woman with same name graduated

Federal prosecutors now say Bristol Virginia Utilities Chief Financial Officer Stacey Pomrenke misled BVU and others by effectively lying on her resume and in her “bio” about her college education, but a spokesperson for the university she says she attended says it has record of a woman with the same name.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed federal court papers yesterday accusing Pomrenke of saying she received a Master’s in Business Administration from Virginia Tech University (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) when “in fact she did not receive that degree.”

“Stacey Pomrenke falsely told employees at BVU and persons outside of BVU she received an MBA from Virginia Tech University,” prosecutors also said. “Stacey Pomrenke earned two ‘F’ grades in the fall semester of 1997 at Virginia Tech University, including one ‘F’ ‘By Committee Action.'”

According to federal court documents, prosecutors intend to use this evidence during Pomrenke’s upcoming federal trial.

Virginia Tech Assistant Vice President for University Relations Mark Owczarski could not confirm if the two are one in the same, but he did say there is record of a Stacey Pomrenke graduating from Virginia Tech.

“According to our alumni directory (printed in 2014), it states that a person by that name was a ’98 MBA graduate,” he said when contacted by News Channel 11.

Pomrenke, who faces charges including conspiracy and fraud, is due in federal court for a hearing this afternoon ahead of her trial on February 16.

We’ve reached out to her attorneys about this latest development and are waiting to hear back.

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