Moldy bread prompts health department to conduct inspection

HAWKINS COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- After moldy bread was discovered in an area school kitchen, we learned just hours ago the health department is planning an unannounced visit to that school.

A student at Cherokee High School in Hawkins County first shared the photo with us Monday of a piece of moldy banana bread, and said a friend ate part of the piece of bread before they realized something wasn’t right.


No one has reported being sick, but we discovered that’s not stopping people from demanding answers.

Kristin Minnick with the Northeast Tennessee Regional Health Office confirmed over the phone earlier Tuesday that either the Environmental Supervisor or a county health department inspector will more than likely be conducting an unannounced inspection, that means school officials would not be given notice of a specific date and time of the inspection.

Hawkins County Director of Schools Steve Starnes confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Northeast Tennessee health department officials will be paying a visit to Cherokee High School.

Minnick said anytime there is concern from the public, there is a possibility they will go ahead with an inspection.

The inspectors will be looking at everything from the temperature of the room to the cleanliness of the walls and floors.

We are told the score at the end will determine if a follow up visited is warranted.

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