Senate committee approves legislation that would replace BVU board

Sen. Bill Carrico holds a binder of WJHL BVU coverage titled "Epidemic of Corruption," given to him by Del. Todd Pillion

UPDATE:  5:45 pm

According to Sen. Bill Carrico, the Senate Committee on Local Government unanimously passed his legislation that would replace all nine members of the Bristol Virginia Utilities board. According to the state senator, the bill now heads to the Senate floor for debate.


Bristol Virginia Utilities CEO Don Bowman and outspoken board member Doug Fleenor are in Richmond today to watch the Senate Committee on Local Government’s hearing about legislation that would replace the current BVU board. According to Bowman, the two made the trip to listen and answer any questions if given the opportunity. Fleenor previously said he supports the idea of a board overhaul.

Sen. Bill Carrico (R), VA-District 40, filed the legislation last month. If approved it would replace all nine BVU board members with a new seven-member board and change the way those board members are appointed.

Mayor Archie Hubbard says two representatives from the City of Bristol also made the trip. According to the mayor, the city council asked the city attorney and economic development director to be there for Tuesday’s committee meeting.

Mayor Hubbard is convinced the BVU board will eventually be made up of seven members, so he says the city wants to make sure at least three of the new board members come from Bristol. As it stands, eight of the nine current BVU board members are from the City of Bristol. Sen. Carrico’s legislation would only guarantee two members from the City of Bristol. The mayor says, if the legislation passes, the city also wants to make sure only BVU’s city representatives are allowed to vote on BVU water and sewer issues.

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