Teen almost dies trying ‘Duct Tape Challenge’

(Source: CNN)

RENTON, WA (CNN) – In Washington state, a teenage boy received life-threatening injuries trying to pull off the “Duct Tape Challenge”. Now he wants other kids to learn from his mistake.

Skylar Fish has had a lot of time to think as a nurse removes 48 staples from his head. Though he’s in some pain, he’s not complaining. “I’m just actually really lucky to be even alive,” said he said

Photos show how seriously the 14-year-old boy was injured doing the “Duct Tape Challenge.” A quick search on YouTube finds several videos of the challenge. The goal is to break free from duct tape.

Fish doesn’t remember much from that day. “When I think about it, it seems like I was hit by a car,” he said.


He and two buddies had gone to Renton Academy on a Saturday where they duct taped his arms and legs.

“When he fell, he hit the corner of the window frame. It crushed his whole eye socket. When his eye socket was crushed, it pinched off nerves in his eye,” said Skylar’s mother Sarah Fish.

Fish doesn’t know if he’ll ever get his vision back in that eye. His head also slammed into the concrete, causing a brain aneurysm.

“It was really scary, like just seeing my son like this,” said Sarah.

His mother now wants to warn others about the Duct Tape Challenge. “I want people to stop and think that there are so many risks to any of these challenges. They’re dangerous,” she said.

As Fish prepares to head off to Seattle Children’s Hospital for the rest of his recovery, he said he wants something good to come out of this.

“Teach other kids not to do it. When I think about it, like I become sad. And then like, really happy. Because like, I’m happy, because like, I survived it. Like, I almost died.”

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