Local United Way in need of help to fully fund community agencies

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- The United Way of Washington County in Tennessee serves 17 partnering agencies throughout the region. Each year the United Way has a monetary fundraising goal that is needed in order to continue funding those agencies and their services. Currently, the organization’s 2015 fundraising campaign is in dire need of help.UNITED WAY

CEO of United Way, Lester Lattany said, “Our future starts with our children, and if we’re not supporting our children then we’re not doing what we need to do as a community.” “So we’re asking everybody to give as much as they can,” he said.

The United Way of Washington County is $120,000 short of its 2015 fundraising goal making agencies that depend on those dollars worry that budget cuts could be in their near future.

Robin Crumley, President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club said, “Without money you can’t function … So, every time someone brings in a dollar, it goes toward a program.”UNITED WAY 2

The 2015 deadline has been extended through tomorrow but the United Way says it cannot extend the deadline again, leaving agencies to wonder what will happen next.

Lattany said, “Once we get beyond [a certain point] and continue to extend it over and over again then we can’t complete a lot of the work that we need to do on behalf of the agencies.”

Crumley said, “Every time a project gets de-funded or money gets cut, good business people have to look at changes. That could be a reduction of services, how many kids we can serve, hourly services—all those affect our children.”

UNITED WAY 3The campaign is roughly 8% short of the money it needs to continue to fully contribute to all its agencies meaning those agencies could have to alter their services, like tutoring at the Boys and Girls Club.

Crumley said, “Research shows that if kids aren’t reading at their third-grade level, then they’re not going to graduate.” She added, “If kids don’t graduate, then they’re going to have to find means to take care of themselves, which are not necessarily those that are legal … and then they fill our jail.”

Lattany said, “[This campaign] is about making our community a better place to live and if we are all trying to make our community a better place to live then it’s only going to benefit and make our community a better place than it already is.”

The United Way says any contributions will help them make it to their goal. Follow this link to make a monetary donation toward helping the United Way reach its goal: http://www.unitedwayofwashingtoncountytn.org/index.php#donate_form

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