Animal control agencies receiving dozens of cold weather calls

TRI-CITIES, TN (WJHL) – Last week’s cold temperatures caused several Tri-Cities residents to call local animal control agencies.

Washington County TN Animal Control Officer Wayne Thomas told News Channel 11, this year he’s received dozens of calls regarding animals left out in the cold.

“We do get a lot of calls this time of year, not having bedding in a house or chips, they need something to keep them warm so they don’t freeze because an animal can freeze to death,” said Thomas.

Thomas said most owners don’t leave dogs out to be cruel, but they don’t know that their pet can die.

12-week-old puppy named Elsa was found frozen to the ground in the snow.
12-week-old puppy named Elsa was found frozen to the ground in the snow.

Thomas said a good rule to stick to is: treat your pets like your children.

“It’s stuck out there its either in a kennel tied up somewhere and it needs that same kind of care that you’re giving your child,” said Thomas.

A week and half ago in Sullivan County, someone found 12-week-old puppy (who was later named Elsa) frozen to the ground in the snow.

When an animal control officer arrived, he thought Elsa was dead, until he heard a quiet whimper.

“She was partially frozen had a lot of frost bite damage and we were concerned that she was going to live at all,” said Andes Straley Veterinary Hospital Dr. Gary Andes.

“She’s lucky, she shouldn’t be here. She’s just extremely fortunate that people found her and got her help.”

Dr. Andes said Elsa suffered damage to her ears, her eye sight and her balance.

“She is a good illustration of what can happen if dogs are left outside and they are not given the proper shelter that they should have…some of these injuries may be permanent so we can’t say that she’s ever going to be completely normal,” said Dr. Andes.

Dr. Andes said Elsa is improving, but he is not sure when she will be released from hospital. Elsa has a forever home waiting on her when she is finally discharged.

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