School bus shot in Tenn. while 22 children were onboard

Photo: Submitted

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Someone shot at a school bus full of kids Monday evening and now police are searching for clues.

It happened near Haywood Lane and Apache trail as 22 students from Intrepid College Preparatory Charter School in Antioch were being taken home.

According to Mia Howard, the founder and executive director of the magnet school, the startling incident took place at 5:15 p.m.


She told News 2 bus No. 1 was hit by pellets.

“Students were covered in glass. Thankfully, no students were harmed but obviously it is an alarming thing someone would attack a school bus,” Howard explained.

Pictures obtained by News 2 show the back windows are shattered.

At the time, the bus driver immediately pulled over into a nearby Shell gas station and called 911.

The driver told 911, “I just put 22 kids on another bus. I’ve been shot at.”

“My back window is shot by a pellet gun. One, two, three, four, maybe seven holes in one window, and one in my big window,” the driver said.

The driver got the kids to safety and told 911 dispatchers they thought it was a tree or a rock.

“From the look sof it, you can see where each thing hit. It is obvious,” driver also explained.

Five Metro police cars arrived to the scene. Thankfully, all of the fifth, sixth and seventh grade students were fine.

Photo: Submitted
Photo: Submitted

Howard said, “They are understandably scared [and] shouldn’t have to be scared.”

A police report indicates the weapon may have been a BB gun. Director Howard is unsure.

“We don’t know. The police investigation is underway,” she told News 2. “I do know a brown van was parked behind the bus, approaching a red light when the shots were fired.”

Chuck Abbott, the CEO and President of Gray Line, said his bus driver acted quickly and safely.

“This is quarter-inch safety glass; shattered but didn’t break,” Abbott said. “Based on shot pattern,

To the person who committed the crime, Director Howard wants them to know the children are innocent and young.

“It is clear you lack the judgment and respect for human life,” she added. “It is disappointing that as a citizen of this community in southeast Nashville that this would happen.”

A letter sent home to parents indicates police will be swearing out 22 counts of aggravated assault once a suspect is identified.

Anyone with information should call Nashville CrimeStoppers at 615-75-CRIME. Information that leads to an arrest could qualify for a cash reward.

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