SBK animal shelter overpopulated, animals face euthanasia

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL)- Officials with the SBK animal shelter said they were in the midst of a crisis when we spoke to them Sunday afternoon.

“We are actually out of space right now, so we have been known to have them in the bathroom or whatever it takes,” Davidson said.

Operations Manager Donna Davidson said both the shelters in Kingsport and Blountville each received dozens of dogs over the past week.

“I think the Blountville shelter last week took in maybe around 20 dogs and we probably did about the same, and when you are already full that 20 can make a huge difference,” Davidson said.

Davidson said she is worried what could happen if they can’t get some of the animals adopted.

“What we are facing is euthanasia, simply because there is no more room, no empty kennels, no where left to put them,” Davidson said.

So in order to try to solve the problem Davidson told us they will be reducing the prices to adopt animals on Monday and Tuesday.

After that she said they will reassess the situation, and remain hopeful that animals will be adopted soon.

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