Clean water group looking into Bluff City sewer problem

BLUFF CITY, TN (WJHL) – News Channel 11’s investigation into Bluff City’s sewer problems caught the attention of a state clean water advocacy group.

Last week, waste from the city’s sewer poured into one family’s backyard and into Boone Lake.

The Executive Director of the Tennessee Clean Water Network (a clean water advocacy group) told News Channel 11, when waste from Bluff City’s sewer flowed into Boone Lake, the incident was a violation of the federal Clean Water Act.

“The Clean Water Act specifically states that you cannot change the chemical, physical or biological characteristics of a water body,” said Tennessee Clean Water Executive Director Renee Hoyos.

Hoyos said her organization plans on investigating Bluff City’s sewer problem.

“Whoever is in charge of that collections system has violated the federal Clean water Act. Its’ just an issue of untangling of where the jurisdiction lies,” said Hoyos.

Bluff City Alderwoman Tanya Cordle told News Channel 11, she has been reaching out to state agencies and lawmakers for additional insight into the issue.

“I’ve contacted TDEC, I’ve contacted the EPA, I’ve contacted the TVA,” said Cordle.

“If my home was on the lake I would be concerned. It’s like the city’s not really caring about these home owners.”

Cordle said more should be done to clean up the mess, and to find out how the leak will effect the environment.

Public Works Director Hugh Thomason said after securing rural development funding, his department plans on building a new pump station.

Thomason attributes the sewer problem to an old pump.

According to Thomason, the city will put the new station and pump out to bid within the next 30 to 60 days.



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