Perry County family of 8 starts over after tornado destroys home


PERRY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A family of eight has spent this Christmas trying to put their lives back together after their home was destroyed by a tornado.

The Bledsoe family’s home on Hurricane Road in Perry County was wiped out by a tornado in just seconds Wednesday night.

“It’s all still sort of a blur right now,” Daniel Bledsoe told News 2.

The family is still in shock after the tornado took everything from them except what matters most, each other.

When they heard the tornado coming Lori and Daniel Bledsoe grabbed their six children and took cover in the bathroom closet.

“I was just praying over these kids telling Kelly it was ok, it was going to be alright and then it was all over with. It was done,” Lori Bledsoe told News 2.

The family walked out of the closet without a scratch to find that the only four stable walls left were those around their shelter.

“It’s just a miracle that we all got out,” said Daniel.

While they didn’t plan to spend their Christmas weekend sifting through photos and other salvageable items, they are grateful to still be alive.

“We learned more of the true meaning of Christmas instead of the stuff that’s associated with it,” they explained.

Not only has the devastation opened their eyes to how valuable their family is, but the community that has stepped in to show their support

“Complete strangers just pull up and say ‘what can we do? Let us help.’”

The family of eight is staying positive, keeping in mind that their items can be replaced, and planning to build again.

The family is living in a trailer with a family member for the time being.

There is a fundraising page set up to to help all of the Perry county neighbors impacted by the tornado.

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