NC sheriff grants little boy ‘police’ wish


PIKESVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Three-year-old Bryson, of Wayne County, had one wish for Christmas, and he made sure Santa Claus knew about it.

“‘What do you want for Christmas’, Santa asked him, and he said, ‘I want a policeman’,” Scott Ezzell, Bryson’s great-grandfather, told WNCN.

Yes, a policeman… and not just one, Bryson wanted two.

“I received a call from one of Santa’s helper,” Wayne County Lt. Sherwood Daly said. “How many children climb on Santa’s lap and ask for a policeman?”

That call gave Daly an idea. Daly recruited Sheriff Larry Pierce and the two headed to Pikeville Christmas morning.

Daly’s wife filmed the meeting between the officers and Bryson

“I think (the video) speaks for itself,” Ezzell said. “His face was lit up like the world when that happened.”

Daly and the sheriff had another surprise up their sleeve.

“When he saw the police uniform he thought that was really cool,” Ezzell said.

Bryson also got a tricycle equipped with lights and sirens.

Daly said, “I think he’s going to make a fine officer myself.”

“To find words that show how much I appreciate it, I don’t have. It’s truly been a great day,” Ezzell said.

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