Secret Santa pays for more than $1K worth of Christmas meals at JC restaurant

As families and friends sat down at the dinner table to celebrate Christmas on Friday, a secret santa stunned dozens of families at a local restaurant.

Not only did this anonymous man pay for everybody’s meal at Shoney’s in Johnson City Friday night, his act of kindness started a chain reaction.

His waitress, Kimberly Cotrel, told us his kindness prompted others to pay it forward.

“Tonight was a miracle for a lot of people and it was simply because of that one man,” Cotrel said.

Cotrel said he paid for at least $1,000 worth of meals for people sitting in the restaurant.

On top of that the mystery diner tipped every waiter $100.

Cotrel said she was in shock when she received a $200 tip when her customer left the table.

“At the end of the night when we were tired and we were missing our family, and you know didn’t want to stand up no more and wanted the night to be over, everything came at the right time,” Cotrel said.

As for the secret santa, we were told he wanted to remain anonymous.

Shoney’s employees told us many people, including themselves, were in tears at the selfless act of generosity.

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