Military dad surprises son posing as cafeteria worker

Courtesy of WHTM

(WHTM) – Christmas came early for a Cumberland County boy. His father surprised him at school after being overseas in Africa for eight months.

Alex Maguire and his classmates were told our cameras were in the building to do a story about school lunches. Instead, we caught the big surprise.

Courtesy of WHTM
Courtesy of WHTM

His dad, Sgt. Chris Maguire, pretended to be on the cafeteria staff.

“When they come in for lunch, I’m going to replace the lunch lady and serve food,” Maguire said.

He and his wife have kept the the secret for several months.

“It’s been killing me to not say something to him,” Alex’s mom, Beth Maguire, said.

“I’m still shocked. Seeing my dad and not realizing him for a second,” Alex said.

In between the food, the hugs, and the excitement, Alex somehow found time to start planning the big day.

“I’ll probably open up presents and probably jump on him Christmas morning,” he said.

“I just want to jump up and down and give him a hug and say ‘look, Daddy’s home. Daddy’s home,’ ” Beth said.

“It means everything. There’s really no words to describe it. Just joy, happiness, and glad that it all came together,” Sgt. Maguire said.

Alex’s dad will be home for two weeks before going back to Africa for two months.

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