SWVA miracle hound lands top 10 finish in national pet competition

A dog found abandoned, and struggling to stay alive in Southwest Virginia over the summer has recently gained national attention.

Back in October we first told you Watkins was nominated for a national award.

Stephanie Smith-Justus with the Buchanan County Humane Society in Grundy said in just the past few days she was notified that Watkins placed in the top 10 of the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame.

Smith-Justus said that top 10 finish came with a Subaru adventure pack valued at $300.

Watkins also recently gained the attention of officials at the University of Tennessee.

Smith-Justus said officials at UT called and asked if Smokey the mascot could meet Watkins in person in November. That meeting ended up happening the weekend of the Tennessee vs. South Carolina game.

Watkins was taken in by the staff at the Buchanan County Humane Society after they found him abandoned on Watkins Street in Grundy, Va. back in May.

At the time he had a skin condition and was just struggling to stay alive.

While Watkins is improving, Smith-Justus told us he still has to visit the vet weekly for skin issues among other things. So far the community has raised more than $30,000 to aid with his recovery.

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