Fight over Florida gun store’s ‘Muslim free zone’ is far from over

INVERNESS, FL (WFLA) – Florida Gun Supply in Inverness continues to be a “Muslim Free Zone.” Especially now, after a federal judge threw out a lawsuit filed by a Muslim advocacy group, alleging religious discrimination.

“Justice has been served and victory has been sweet,” said gun shop owner, Andy Hallinan.

Hallinan declared his store Muslim free in July, in response to terrorism. Hallinan believes true Muslims want to harm those who are not Muslim.muslim

The Council on American-Islamic Relations filed argues the Muslim free zone is religious discrimination and violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964. She pointed out that CAIR failed to show that any Muslims have been discriminated against.

“I’m sure she was cringing as she was writing the filing, but at the end of the day, she made the right choice,” Hallinan said.

The ruling emboldened Hallinan. He took back to Facebook, posting another controversial video, telling the public he is selling Muslim Free bumper stickers and Targets.

CAIR’s fight against this Muslim Free zone is far from over.

“Their celebration completely misses the point,” said Thania Diaz Clevenger. “We don’t re-segregation to occur. We don’t want Jim-Crow era type laws and for that reason CAIR is going to stay strong and fight this.”

But for now, Hallinan is not backing down.

“My goal is to make sure they don’t feel welcome here so I don’t have the need to discriminate in the first place,” Hallinan said.

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