Grateful citizen anonymously pays for firefighters’ groceries

(Courtesy: Vandalia Ohio FD/Facebook)

VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) – Vandalia, Ohio firefighters got a surprise when they went to pick up their groceries after a call.

According to the Vandalia Fire Department’s Facebook page, firefighters had to leave their groceries at a local Kroger store for a medic run Sunday morning.

“They were checking out through our U-Scan, and they got a call,” according to General Manager David Hyatt.

Chad Follick, City of Vandalia Fire Chief, says he was taken aback when he saw the gesture.

“There’s typically very few times you hear follow-ups from those calls. But evidently we made a positive impact on this young lady.” Chief Follick said.

The crew was about to buy roughly $35 worth of food — enough for the four firefighters working that shift to have dinner.

According to the post, when they returned they were told by store management that someone had paid for their order in appreciation for all they do in the community.

An image of the receipt shows a hand-written note thanking them for their help with a fire earlier in the year.

“Thank you for your service. All of you helped when I had a fire earlier this year. God Bless.”

Giving back for firefighters who had her back during a rough time.

“It’s nice that it happened in this store. The people here in Vandalia are so giving. They want to give.” Hyatt said.

“On behalf of the fire department, we thank her a great deal for showing us the kindness that she showed us.”

Chief Follick says they’ve received a lot of community support through this holiday season. Earlier this week, a local church group donated three Thanksgiving dinners for the fire stations in the city.

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