Chainfree Bristol proposes changes to Bristol TN ordinances

Chainfree Bristol is proposing 3 changes to Bristol Tennessee's city ordinances.

BRISTOL, TN – A local animal rights groups is hoping to changes a few Bristol Tennessee’s city ordinances in hopes of increasing animal welfare.

Chainfree Bristol, (an organization dedicated to releasing dogs who have spent a lifetime on a chain) recently proposed 3 city ordinance changes to Bristol’s City Council.

“Ending the permanent lifetime chaining of dogs, extreme weather definitions, and kennel sizes,” said Chainfree Bristol’s Founder Liza Conway.

Conway told News Channel 11, all three proposed changes are important but with freezing temperatures right around the corner, Bristol leaders should define extreme weather immediately.

“There’s not numerical guideline so we have left it up to animal control to decide if it’s too cold for Chihuahua or a Jack Russell to be outside,” said Conway.

Conway consulted a local veterinarian on the issue who presented her findings to Bristol’s City Council.

“A husky can certainly withstand freezing temperatures where as a Chihuahua would never be able to survive. So doing our best to create a standard that most dogs can fit within is definitely a step in the right direction,” said Dr. Brooke Jones.

Jones also agrees with Conway’s mission to end permanent lifelong chaining.

“There are several zoonotic diseases that they can contract and pass on to their owners so it goes beyond just animal wealth fare it’s a human well fare issue as well,” said Jones.

So far, Conway’s proposed changes have not been placed on the city council’s agenda.

But Conway said Chainfree Bristol will continue to work towards stopping lifetime chaining and trying to get dogs inside during extreme weather.


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