Is that a UFO? Astronaut’s photo has social media abuzz

(Photo by @StationCDRKelly via Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Social-media users are buzzing over a photo astronaut Scott Kelly posted on Twitter.

Kelly, who has spent more time in space than any other U.S. astronaut, is nearly two thirds of the way through his year in space.

He often posts photos to document his journey.

On Nov. 15, he posted a photo from the International Space Station on Twitter overlooking southern India.

Many social-media users are talking about the photo because of the object at the top right corner of the photo.

The photo has brought up the question if it’s a UFO.

According to CBS News, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku said it’s probably not a UFO.

“It could be a reflection off someone’s windshield, or it could be almost anything,” Kaku said.

Some Twitter users say the object may be part of the International Space Station.

There has been no comment from NASA on the photo.

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