ETSU gets big ACC win, head coach gets $5,000 bonus

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – It took a last second shot, but East Tennessee State University’s Men’s Basketball Team secured its first ACC win since 1991 Sunday, beating Georgia Tech by one point.


The team didn’t just walk away with a win. Head Coach Steve Forbes walked away with a little something extra.

Just three games in Forbes secured his first bonus. His team’s win in Atlanta equaled a $5,000 payday, according to his contract. The incentive for “each win over a Power 5 team,” is in addition to Forbes’ annual $175,000 salary and $27,000 yearly stipend.

In his first season, he’s now guaranteed at least $207,000 this year, but that’s dependent on his team winning more than 50% of its regular season games. Beyond that, there’s the potential to make much more.

Seven months after we first learned the terms of Forbes’ employment agreement, outlined in a memorandum of understanding, we now have a copy of his official signed contract. The contract comes complete with more than $80,000 worth of incentives.

This is a big change from the way ETSU used to do contracts; a change that took place when Dr. Richard Sander became the athletic director. It started during the end of former coach Murry Bartow’s career at ETSU; a man who played a lot of high profile games, games his team lost, but he was still able to get bonuses just for ETSU showing up.

“We put in there ways that if we won games, went to the NCAA Tournament, then he could get that kind of compensation,” Dr. Sander said in March about Bartow’s final contract. “It wasn’t about losing games. It was about winning games.”

Forbes officially signed his five-year contract in September.

If his team can pull off a win against the University of Tennessee next month, he’ll walk away with a $15,000 payday.

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