Protesters of the possibility of the Creeper Trail getting rezoned rally together

ABINGDON, VA (WJHL)– Dozens of protesters gathered together today in Abingdon to raise awareness to the possible rezoning of the creeper trail and surrounding areas.

Local officials are looking at rezoning property near the creeper trail that would allow bigger businesses and retailers to come in.

Many people in the community are not on board. They say that it would mean taking away a tradition and a tourist attraction that brings many visitors to Abingdon each year.

Nan Harmon, the protest’s organizer said “I’m worried about water pollution from runoff, light pollution, noise pollution, and just how it’s going to affect everything.”

Thousands of people have signed a petition asking officials to reconsider rezoning this area. The vote on the proposed re-zoning request is set to take place December 7th.

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