Hawkins Co. family in search of answers in 2013 unsolved murder case

More than two years after the murder of a Hawkins County woman her family is still struggling to find answers.

Regilla Ann Dye was found murdered in her home back in August of 2013.

The case has remained the focus of several Monday’s Most Wanted segments on News Channel 11.

Her family said to this day they know very little about the circumstances surrounding her death, but for the first time since Regilla’s murder, family members spoke with News Channel 11.

It all started on August 5th, 2013. It was a day Kaisha Hickey says was just like any other Monday. She woke up to a phone call from her mother Regilla.


“She called me about 9 o’clock and me and my 2 kids were still asleep so I decided not to answer the phone,” Hickey said.

Shortly after that Kaisha said she would repeatedly try to reach her mom with no answer.

Within just a few short hours, Kaisha would finally receive a call, but it was one that would forever change her life.

“She said my moms gone, and I just lost it, I literally lost it,” Hickey said.

Regilla was discovered brutally murdered in her home off of Mountain View School Road in Hawkins County.

Investigators believe the crime happened somewhere between 9:15 in the morning and 12:30 in the afternoon.

The entire day is one Regilla’s mother, Georgia Dye, said she will never forget.

“She’s the only daughter I had, it was just so devastating,” Dye said.

As the days turned into weeks in Hawkins County and Regilla was laid to rest the family was still in search of answers wanting to know who killed their loved one.

“I want them to make an arrest as soon as possible I mean, I just want a closure on it it,” Dye said.

Even two years later its hard not to be reminded of what happened inside the home back in 2013.

You can still find shattered glass on the stove, keys hanging by the door, and a calendar that reads August 2013.

They are painful memories family members said may never go away.

“Its still just the hurt, the heartaches is there and it always will be until we find the killer,” said Dye.

In order to get someone to talk, Kaisha told us she is raising money for a reward.

“If it’s the right amount of money, maybe they will come forward and finally tell us what they know, give us information,” Hickey said.

“We’ve never forgot, and we will never forget,” Dye said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is still actively seeking tips from the public. If you have any information, no matter how small that could help find Regilla’s killer, you are urged to call 1-800-tbi-find.

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