Wisconsin parents could pay fine under new bullying ordinance

PLOVER, WI (WISN) – Parents in Plover whose children repeatedly bully other kids may now find themselves faced with a $124 fine.

The Plover Village Board this month approved an anti-bullying ordinance. The Stevens Point Journal reports the ordinance gives police the ability to notify parents in writing if their child is caught bullying and to ticket the parents if their child is caught bullying again within 90 days.

Plover Police Chief Dan Ault wrote and proposed the ordinance. Ault said the ordinance is intended to motivate parents to confront their children if bullying is taking place.

“It’s not the school’s responsibility to raise the kids. It’s the school’s job to teach the kids. It’s not the police’s job to raise your kids. It’s the parents’ job to raise the kids,” Ault said.

A similar bullying ordinance was passed in Monona, a city in Dane County, in 2013. Monona Detective Sgt. Ryan Losby said police have not given out any fines since the ordinance passed, but have issued three warnings.

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