Parole hearing Thursday for man sentenced in “Facebook murders”

MOUNTAIN CITY, TN (WJHL)- A man sentenced in the so-called “Facebook murders” case just a few months ago appeared at his first parole hearing Thursday.

Jamie Curd is one of four people accused in the Johnson County murders of his cousin Bill Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth.

Jamie Curd

Marvin, Barbara, and Jenelle Potter were given life sentences for the murders and each convicted of two counts of first-degree murder.

The case became known as the “Facebook murders” once investigators said the killings happened after a social media dispute.

Back in May, Curd made a plea deal with the state, pleading guilty to two counts of facilitation to commit first degree murder in the case.

He testified against the Potter women during their trial back in May. He said he thought he was running an errand with Marvin Potter, but ended up with Potter at the victim’s home. He said Potter handed him a gun. Curd said he stood at the door while Marvin Potter killed the victims.

A judge sentenced him to 25 years and told Curd he must serve at least 30 percent of that time.

Assistant District Attorney Dennis Brooks and victims’ family members petitioned to keep Curd behind bars.

We asked Brooks for the letter he sent to the parole board.

In the letter he said, “It would be a slap in the face of justice for Jamie Curd to be released so early in his sentence.”

He also said at some point the parole board should grant Curd parole because his cooperation on the case led to the arrests and convictions of his co-defendants. Brooks said Curd was manipulated by the Potter family.

“I am confident that he is a very low risk to commit further crimes, assuming prison does not change him,” Brooks said in the letter.

He also said, “Despite my words in the paragraph above, and out of respect to the families of the victims, I do believe that Mr. Curd should serve much of his sentence to avoid depreciation of the seriousness of the crimes.”

The board also heard from Payne’s mom Beverly Garland.

“They let us talk and tell what has happened to us during this time and we told him how Jamie’s never shown any remorse for what he did and that he knows what he was doing,” Garland said. “Then Jamie started you know apologizing saying he hates this happened, and he wished it never had, and if he had to do it over he wouldn’t have done it.”

While Curd was sentenced just months ago, he had been serving time in prison for the murders since 2012, giving him enough credit to be up for parole this soon.

We will likely know the board’s final decision sometime next week.

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