Johnson City family shares son’s story to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes

The Lewis family. Their 7-year-old son Drew has Type 1 Diabetes.

JOHNSON CITY (WJHL) – A Tri-Cities family is hoping to raise awareness about a disorder that’s becoming more common among children. Doctors say Juvenile or Type 1 diabetes impacts 1 in 400 children in America.

Jill and Clark Lewis know all too well how diabetes can impact a family. Their 7-year-old son was diagnosed just last year.

Through it all Drew is a trooper, never wavering even when his family were at one of their darkest hours. It was last year around Labor day when they first got the startling news that their son’s life would change forever.

“He woke up and took a couple of steps and laid down and took a couple more steps and laid down. we knew something was wrong so we took him, my husband took him to the emergency room,” Jill Lewis said.

Once at the hospital Drew and his father met with a doctor.

“Doctor comes in maybe a minute, minute in a half later, you know checks his blood sugar again, looks and says he’s got diabetes. it was a shock, I mean it just it kind of took your breath away in one second your whole world has just changed,” Clark Lewis said.

Changed but still manageable for Drew and millions of others who struggle with the disorder everyday.

“Type 1 diabetes is more common than people realize, it happens to about 1 in 400 kids, for reasons we don’t understand it is becoming more common,” Doctor George Ford said.

Doctor George Ford is an endocrinologist at Niswonger Children’s hospital. Dr. Ford started back in July and began treating children who battle type 1 diabetes. Doctor Ford says symptoms for Type 1 diabetes include frequent urination, weight loss, and hunger.

He says children may also become agitated. Dr. Ford says the best thing parents can do if their children are experiencing these symptoms is to seek medical care.

“I’ve seen some sad outcomes where either parents and or physicians did not recognize that a child especially a young child was coming down with type one diabetes and then they have lots of complications all the way from brain injury to death,” Dr. Ford said.

Thankfully the Lewis’ were able to catch Drew’s problems. his parents tell me he’s their hero, always fighting always staying strong, despite his condition.

“We know that god has a big plan for this guy and we know that he is going to do big things,” Jill Lewis said.

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