Veteran fights new war, living on the streets homeless

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Stephen Johnson is a U.S. Navy Vietnam era Veteran. He’s traveled from Great Lakes Illinois to parts of Tennessee, Norfolk , Virginia and Guantanamo Bay Cuba.  Johnson is also a veteran without a place to call home.

“I had so many good jobs in my life and I’ve made so much money over the years, i never realized i would be in this situation,” Johnson said.

This is often a situation that many Veterans in the Tri-Cities region find themselves in. A recent census report found that there are 127 homeless veterans in the Tri-Cities living in shelters- nearly 20 live on the streets.

“We know that they are out their sleeping under bridges and we know they are out there sleeping in their vehicles

Anne Cooper is with ARCH or the Appalachian Regional Coalition on Homelessness. She says her team works everyday to help get veterans off the streets.

“We can provide the first and last months rent and we can also provide a couple of months up to a maximum number of months of rental assistance,” Cooper said.

In order to qualify for assistance vets must meet certain income requirements, have served active duty and cannot have been dis-honorably discharged.

Stephen Johnson is starting that process now and encourages others not to give up hope.

For more information on ARCH and to find out if you or a Veteran that you know qualifies, call 1-877-754-VETS (8387) or  click this link:

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