BVU CFO Stacey Pomrenke to use vacation time during upcoming trial

A Bristol Virginia Utility executive will use vacation time during an upcoming trial.

It’s the latest development in the ongoing BVU corruption investigation.

Stacey Pomrenke, BVU’s Chief Financial Officer, recently pleaded not guilty to several charges including conspiracy and fraud.

At the BVU board meeting Tuesday, board members met in a closed door session.

On the agenda for that closed meeting included reviewing issues related to a BVU employee.

Once the meeting was over we addressed BVU President and CEO Donald Bowman about Stacey Pomrenke’s status with the company.

We wanted to know if her status as an employee will change before her January trial date, and if they had an interim CFO to take over while she was in court.

“My understanding at this time is her trial was scheduled for two weeks, and she will be on vacation during that time. She remains an employee in good standing, and she has a trial date tentatively scheduled for January 4th, and nothing has changed since the charges were filed,” Bowman said.

Another item the board discussed Tuesday was transferring $100,000 from OptiNet’s restricted reserves.

The agenda item went on to read that the fund will be used for anticipated legal fees related to OptiNet matters.

Pomrenke is due back in court December 19th, and her trial is expected to begin in January.

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