Woman missing 21 years possibly spotted in Southwest Virginia

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) – The family of a woman missing more than 21-years, believes it is closer to finding out what happened to her.

According to family, Renee LaManna went through a very bad break up in 1994, and needed mental health treatment. When her sister tried to take her to a hospital, she ran away.


Recently, there have been sightings of a woman believed to resemble Renee in southwest Virginia. Now, Renee’s sister, Margaret LaManna, is combing the Danville area, looking for the woman locals said checked into Hotel Leeland.


State police and the state’s search and rescue coordinator is also trying to find her. VSP said it has a regional alert out for Renee LeManna and an investigator was following up on the new lead.

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It’s believed the woman thought to be Renee is hitchhiking up and down Virginia and North Carolina; staying at truck stops, and hotels. Her sister said she knew the woman was Renee because of how people described her.

People who had contact with the woman said she talks in different languages, is very religious, hates the smell of smoke, and likes peacock colors.


Margaret believes they are so close to finally finding her sister, but knows if that day happens, Renee may not recognize her.

Margaret explained, “If she remembers who I am or if something clicks, obviously we will have a very heartfelt reunion, but she may not know who I am so I don’t want to overwhelm her. I just want to tell her I love her.”

The search and rescue coordinator said he was trying to get a few steps ahead of Renee, but it’s been difficult.

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