South Carolina lawmakers want something to be done about mosquito problem

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) –  Massive amounts of rainfall and floods in October in the Palmetto state is now causing a new issue of problems.

South Carolina is seeing a plague of mosquitoes, and now lawmakers agree exterminating them must be a priority even if they have to spend money to do so.

The insects have been tormenting residents following last month’s historic flooding.

Lawmakers now want the Federal Government to pay for the “Anti-mosquito” campaign, but says if the government doesn’t cover the costs the state needs to consider doing so.

According to South Carolina’s Emergency Management Division, the current rice tag for all the counties apart of the Federal Emergency Declaration is estimated at $39 million.

Lawmakers admit that rural areas cannot afford the $1.5 million dollar aerial spraying, and that they’re concerned about the possible health risks for people, pets and livestock.

There have yet to be any cases of West Nile Virus since the flooding, according to the State Department of Health and Environmental Control.

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