Groundbreaking ceremony held for Exit 19 development in Abingdon

A groundbreaking ceremony took place this morning in Abingdon, VA for a major retail development.

Located at exit 19 off of Interstate 81, the development is expected to house a new Wal-Mart and several other retail stores and restaurants. Developer Dan Bloodworth tells us this day was a long time coming, “This was a long, long process, about three years it took to get here. We’re excited, as you can see. Dirt is moving, finally, and we’re excited to get things started. We’re looking to open the stores, more than likely, 2nd quarter next year. We’re talking with some other users, restaurants, tradition retail users, out on the out parcels here. Nothing is signed as of now, but we’re very, very close.”

Bloodworth also credits officials in Washington County, Va., without them he says none of this would be happening.

“We do know that over 250 jobs have been created for Washington County. Washington County has been a huge, tremendous help in getting this across the finish line. We’ve hit some hurdles along the way but they were there to really help out to get it across the finish line and about a $20 million project just starting out and we look to go higher from there.”

Bloodworth also says the location, situated right next to Pizza Plus and across the street from Lowe’s, was also key, “You’ve just got traditional retail mixed with restaurant users, you’re right off the highway, excellent highway visibility from 81, and, as you can see, huge traffic counts which retailers really like.”

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