Bucs Merriweather Named to Preseason All-State College Basketball Team

Preseason All-State College Basketball Team Announced


As college basketball players wrapped up prep for November 13 season openers, www.valueaddbasketball.com announced the preseason All-State basketball team.


All-State 1st, 2nd and 3rd Teams

1st team PG – Baldwin, Wade 4; Vanderbilt; 6’3; worth 8.92 Pts; NBA 8%

1st team SG – LaChance, Riley 13; Vanderbilt; 6’2; worth 7.60 Pts; NBA 5%

1st team SG – Tarrant, Ricky 2; Memphis; 6’2; worth 5.50 Pts; NBA 6%

1st team SF – Moore, Armani 4; Tennessee; 6’5; worth 4.83 Pts

1st team PF – Jones, Damian 30; Vanderbilt; 6’10; worth 7.70 Pts; NBA 74%


2nd team SG – Bradshaw, Craig 23; Belmont; 6’3; worth 4.70 Pts

2nd team SG – Pryor, Greg 1; Chattanooga; 6’1; worth 4.59 Pts

2nd team SF – Burrell, Trahson 0; Memphis; 6’6; worth 4.07 Pts

2nd team C – Bradds, Evan 35; Belmont; 6’7; worth 4.34 Pts

2nd team C – Tuoyo, Justin 31; Chattanooga; 6’10; worth 4.21 Pts; NBA 1%


3rd team SG – Woodard, Johnny; Tennessee St.; 6’4; worth 3.00 Pts

3rd team SF – Edwards, Kedar; Tennessee Martin; 6’5; worth 3.40 Pts

3rd team PF – Lawson, Dedric; Memphis; 6’8; worth 3.91 Pts

3rd team PF – Merriweather, A.J. 13; East Tennessee St.; 6’2; worth 3.07 Pts

3rd team C – Horton, Chris 5; Austin Peay; 6’8; worth 3.00 Pts; NBA 2%


“We are pleased to be the first to recognize these 15 great players,” said John Pudner, whose invention of the Value Add Basketball system to pinpoint the value of each player has been hailed by stories on ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports that can be found at www.valueaddsports.com. “We were pleased to point out players like Jimmy Butler, Delon Wright, Shabazz Napier, Jae Crowder and Frank Kaminsky way before anyone thought they could be NBA stars and/or All-Americans, and we hope state fans enjoy watching these players.”


Value Add is known for calculating how many points a player improves a team (if a player with a Value Add of 4.00 pts were added to a team he would typically improve the margin of their final score by 4 points – so he would turn 2-point losses into 2-point wins). His calculations measure defense as well as offense and determined players who can disrupt the opposition with steals or come in and break up a defense by getting off 3-point shots are often more valuable than fans believe. Anyone can go to www.valueaddbasketball.com and to search by conference, position, year in school, etc.



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