Annual Diabetes Expo held at B.R.M.C.

The 20th annual Diabetes Expo was held on Monday from 4 – 8 pm at Bristol Regional Medical Center.

Formerly known as Sugar Fest, the expo brought together experts on diabetes to talk with people about the disease. Director of Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Centers Jim Perkins hopes this event brings in a lot of people, ” Tennessee has the 5th highest rate of type 2 diabetes in the country, so because of that, we do the diabetes expo every year and this expo is about diabetes, it’s about knowledge for diabetes. You don’t have to have diabetes to attend, but we really want people to have a thirst for knowledge about diabetes. If you have, if you live with someone with diabetes, if you have a friend with diabetes, the more knowledge that you can have, esp. when it comes to nutrition, just what they’re going thru, those are things we want to address during this presentation today.”

People could get free screening for diabetic feet problems, free diabetic eye screenings and free diabetic hearing screenings. This event was also a free safe sharps drop off.

Perkins says people in this area should pay particular attention, “In Sullivan Co., we have close to 15% type 2 diabetes, we have more than that individuals that are not diagnosed that don’t even know it. That’s part of the reason we’re having this event today. 38:01 People can come in, they can get a test, they can hear us talk about what diabetes is, how to live with diabetes. If we find one person that didn’t know they have diabetes, and they get help because of that, then this has been a success.”

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