Thousands ‘Race for a Cure’ as the run celebrates its 10th year

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL)– The color pink in October has become a national sign of breast cancer awareness… And today thousands rallied together at the tri-cities 10th annual Susan G. Komen ‘Race for a Cure’. The crowd of pink just goes to show that this race is helping to outrun the disease– with survivors leading the way.

run“Every day is a winning day. And it’s just made us stronger,” survivor Della Bishop said.

For long-time friends Della Bishop, Pat Overbay and Shirley Pile– they’re practicing what they preach, as they’ve each personally defeated cancer, while having one another to lean on for support.

Overybay said, “You know your husbands go through it with you, so does your children, but your friends here, they know what you’re going through”.

While many people see breast cancer as only affecting women– Peter Owens knows too well– this illness is far reaching. He said, “My first wife died of breast cancer. So I understand what it means when a family gets impacted. It’s not just the person who gets cancer– it is the whole family”.

Owens is the chair of the race’s organizing committee and volunteers his time– in the hopes of helping others. He explained, “I enjoy doing this because it helps me feel as though I am able to do something to make a difference”.

For those suffering with breast cancer- it can be especially painful… But today wasn’t a day to talk about the “c” word– today was a chance to see the thousands of survivors and those still fighting show their determination to promote survival and hope.pom

Owens said an event like this “suddenly makes you realize that you don’t need to feel sorry for yourself. I think it’s great that we can work with the women and give them a good quality of life for as long as we possible can and ultimately we are going to find a cure.”

And Bishop said, “Through it all, God it good- all the time God is good”. Pile added “He has blessed us”.

While official results won’t be in for a few days, Owens tells us that today’s event attracted around 5,000 people and that the organization is over half-way to their fundraising goal of $200,000.

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