Milligan’s homecoming celebration lasts well past the weekend

File Art- Milligan College

ELIZABETHTON, TN – Last weekend Milligan kicked off its annual homecoming celebration.

But this party isn’t over, for the next year the college plans on continuing the celebration by commemorating its 150th year as an institution.

“We have special concerts planned, we have a letter boxing event that’s kicking off this weekend that is a student led project. We have the buffalo stampede city art project,” said Alumni Relations President Theresa Garbe.

The buffalo stampeded project (which consists of life size painted buffalo placed throughout Johnson City) pays homage to Milligan’s mascot, a symbol with strong ties to the colleges humble beginnings.

“The Buffalo Male and Female Institute was a school for primary and secondary schools, Josephus Hopwood became a part of that school and built it up into what later became a college,” said Garbe.

A lot has changed in northeast Tennessee since 1866.

But students and faculty told News Channel 11, one thing stays the same, their commitment to education.

“We talk a lot about heritage and legacy here at Milligan about the people who’ve made sacrifices for this institution the people who’ve made it possible for Milligan to continue to be here,” said Garbe.

December 10th, 2016 Milligan will host a big birthday bash for the college, signifying an end to the year long celebration.


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