Milligan College– where the buffalo roam?

MILLIGAN COLLEGE (WJHL)– Meet Cody two. He’s a buffalo who’s seen his fair share of the limelight. Cody and, his handler, Mike Fogel who has trained buffalo for over 40 years made their way to the Tri-Cities to kickoff Milligan college’s homecoming festivities.

buffalo side milligan

Fogel’s most notable buffalo was the original “Cody” who was featured in the film “dances with wolves”. Cody the second has not gained as much notoriety as his predecessor but he has traveled across the country.

Fogel said, “for a buffalo– he’s got an unusual personality. By nature, they’re not like this. I’m glad we can share him with people”.

Fogel says cody is very good with people and demonstrates great tolerance. You may have seen him in a buffalo jeans or taco john commercial—and he’s also been to the white house.

Cody will be helping rally school spirit tomorrow as Milligan College’s president, Dr. Bill Greer, will be riding Cody during the annual homecoming parade at 2 p.m. on Blower’s Boulevard.

One of Milligan’s two buffalo statues was also stolen last night, but later found on a nearby chapel’s stage. The second of the two statues was adorned with post-it notes bearing pictures of the college president’s face on them.

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