Two men suffer puncture wounds, both charged with aggravated assault

From left to Right: Ryan Fleenor and Jason Strode

Two men are behind bars and facing aggravated assault charges after police responded to a stabbing at a home off Lakeview Drive.

The initial 911 call came from a female saying someone was stabbed. When officers arrived they found two men and a female at the home.

The three initially denied that any assault occurred but police later found out the two men, later identified as Jason Strode and Ryan Fleenor, both had non-life threatening stab/puncture wounds.

Strode had, what appeared to be, one puncture wound to the center of his chest and a bruise on his left eye.  Fleenor’s injuries consisted of five puncture wounds to the lower back.

Both Fleenor and Strode gave responding officers different stories claiming they suffered their wounds in self defense.

Police arrested both men and now each are facing one count of aggravated domestic assault and are being held on a $10,000 bond.

Jason Strode
Jason Strode
Ryan Fleenor
Ryan Fleenor


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