$75K government employee pay study up for debate in Sullivan Co.

The proposal would reduce the number of districts to 7 and eliminate three county commissioners, reducing the board from 24 to 21.

Sullivan County Commissioners are at odds over how a study of county employee pay and benefits should be conducted.

Commissioner Pat Shull is in favor of spending up to $75,000 to study pay, benefits and staffing levels in Sullivan County compared to other cities and counties across Tennessee.

“To me it’s very routine,” he said. “80 percent of our $170 million plus budget goes toward personnel.”

Shull says the last county pay study was done nearly 10 years ago.

A current proposal before the commission would allow Sullivan County Mayor Richard Venable to hire a consultant to conduct the study.

But not everyone on the Commission think it’s a good use of taxpayer money.

“I think we could better utilize $75,000 and not have to do that,” said Commissioner Eddie Williams. “If we’re going to do something like this, it needs to be done in-house where’s there’s basically no cost.”

Shull told News Channel 11 and outside consultant is critically needed to bring objectivity to the process.

“Several commissioners claimed that our employees were underpaid,” Shull said. “Well, underpaid in comparison to what. we don’t have anything to tell us.”

The proposal will be introduced at the Commission meeting Monday.

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