Build A Home 5 K coming up in Bristol on Saturday

There is a 5 K race going on this Saturday in Bristol to help raise money to build a new hope for a needy family overseas.

Matt Mangrum, a senior at Tennessee High School, says he got the idea while attending a church conference this summer with his youth group. One Mission from Phoenix, AZ has built over 300 houses already and can build a home for around $8,000. That’s when Mangrum started coming up with ideas to raise the $8,000. He decided on a 5K run after a fellow classmate organized one earlier as a benefit, but didn’t realize how much time and work went into organizing this race, “It’s a lot of stuff, we’ve had a lot of stuff going on with the cities, because it is going thru both Bristol, TN and VA, so you’ve got to get approved on both sides, it’s been kinda hard to do with one of the states, I won’t say which one, but getting it approved was hard, but things worked out in the end.”

In addition to the upcoming 5 K, they had several fundraiser nights at local restaurants to help toward the $8,000 goal. Mangrum says they are currently between $6,000 and $7,000, “A lot of people have donated from the church, and a lot of our sponsorships from different businesses that are involved in the 5 K, but really, just the outpouring from the church and the community have really helped us with the money that we’ve needed. ”

Mangrum says they used a lot of fliers, but word of mouth and the web did most of the work, “We’ve gotten the word out mostly thru social media, and of course being at the high school, talking to people about it. Social media has been one of our biggest things.”

Registration for the 5 K begins at 7 am on Saturday with the race beginning at 8 am. It will start and end at Central Christian Church on Melrose St. In Bristol, TN. They are expecting 45-50 runners but are hoping for more walk up participants.

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